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Bagel Recipe

Hi everybody! Many people have been asking me for my bagel recipe, so here it is, adapted from this one on Wild Yeast Blog.  This method requires an overnight rise , so make the dough the night before you want bagels. Also, the sourdough starter needs to be nice and "ripe" — meaning it is bubbling nicely and fed about 6–12 hours earlier at room temp. Although this recipe has commercial yeast, it also gets lift from the ripe starter. I hope to try this recipe without the commercial yeast at some point; my hunch is that it'll work but require 3–4 hours of rising time rather than the one hour. Ingredients 350 g all-purpose flour 300 g high-gluten flour 300 g ripe 100%-hydration sourdough starter 300 g ice water 3 g active-dry or 2 g instant yeast 16 g salt 15 g sugar 10 g barley malt syrup 45 g milk 1 T. baking soda for boiling Seeds for topping (optional) Method Measure all the dough ingredients in the bowl of your stand mixer using a kitchen scale. Using the dough hook, mi

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